Coated Glass Fiber

Glass Roving is manufactured using E-glass fiber with proprietary PU resin systems to produce an innovative, value added reinforcement solution with high degree of softness and strength.

It has a special smooth, flexible coating which improves handling and eliminates dust and loose fiber generation during cable production, even at very high speeds, leading to high productivity and ultimate cable strength.

Glass Roving is a very high strength coated glass roving for optical fiber and copper cables. It is most suited for uni-tube, loose tube & slotted core cables & typically used as peripheral reinforcement in fiber optic cables along with FRP Rod & Semi-Rigid FRP Rods. It is introduced over the loose tube and the cable manufactured with it would be lower in diameter, lighter in weight with high degree of flexibility, excellent tensile strength & modulus performance.

The soft fiber spread evenly on the cable core minimizes thickness build-up. It comes in variety of coatings, offering good adhesion to materials like PE, PVC, etc. It is available in long continuous lengths for enhanced productivity. It has a very high strength to weight ratio resulting in light weight cable with utmost ease of handling. It is available in long continuous lengths with tex (gm/Km) ranging from 600 tex to 2400.

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