Rip Cord

Ripcord is generally placed inside the PE jacket and is used for tearing of PE jacket and in some cases even steel armor. SUNPURE's non wicking material coating improves snag resistance during cable processing and improves SUNPURE's durability when tearing through jackets.

SUNPURE is manufactured from continuous polyester filament yarn which are twisted and coated with non wicking material. These Ripcords are available in natural or colour or combination of both. Coloured Ripcord may be used to distinguish it from other materials or for manufactures identification purpose.

  • Ripcord with anti wicking and water swellable properties.
  • Available in different colours which used for identification.
  • Available in variety of breaking strengths.
  • Dust free and available in long lengths.
  • All coatings are environmental safe.
Color combination and Others dtex are avaialble on request.
Special ripcord Antiwicking treatment type are available on request the yarn should be dipped in colored water & water.
Should not travel up beyond 5MM. (This is approved by CACT (indian government approved LAB))

Packing Information for Plastic Reel:

Particular Plastci Reel
Flange (mm) 250
Traverse (mm) 200
Width (mm) 250
Centre Bore (mm) 30
Package Wt. (kg) 4 to 6
Spools per box 4

Packing Information for Paper Tube:

Particular Plastci Reel
Outside Diameter(package OD (mm) 210 (MAX)
Inside Diameter (TubeID) (mm) 94
Traverse (mm) 190
Tube Length (mm) 215
Package Wt. (kg) 3.5 to 4
Spools per box 4

Technical Specifications:

750D x 2ply 750D x 3ply 1000D x 2ply 1000D x 3ply 1500D x 3ply 2000D x 3ply
SIZE Denier ASTM D -2256 1575 2360 2100 3150 4750 6300
RUNNAGE m/kg. ASTM D -2256 5714 3846 4444 2857 1818 1428
BREAKING LOAD N ASTM D -2256 100 145 220 330 420
ELONGATION AT BREAK % ASTM D -2256 15% Min. 15% Min. 15% Min. 15% Min. 15% Min. 15% Min.

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