FR PVC Insulated Cable

We are one of the core supplier Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Insulated Industrial Cables is offered in Project Packing. PVC Insulated Copper Conductor Single core (Unsheathed) Cables in Voltage Grade up to and including 1100 V & generally conforming to IS 694 : 1990


The conductor is composed of high purity, bright annealed bare electrolytic grade copper wires complying to IS 8130:1984, which are drawn, annealed and bunched in high precision machines geometrically and appropriately to ensure apposite flexibility, uniform resistance and proper dimension.


The bunch copper is insulated with a specially formulated PVC compound having high insulation resistance and dielectric strength and conforming to the requirements of Type A of IS 5831:1984 & also suitable to use from -15c to +70c rated conductor temperature. The high speed & fully synchronized extrusion process with automatic on-line controls gives consistence high quality wire insulation.

Improved Fire Performance Category C1

Wires are also available with following Fire Retardant properties. Specially formulated FR PVC Compound ensures additional safety against the fires because of its high Oxygen and Temperature index properties.

Additional Information:

Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Grey, etc..
Marking: Continuous print of Brand name, cable size, voltage grade, etc.. through out the wire length.
Packing: Wires are avalible in 90 mtrs coils packed in protective cartons. Wire coils are also available in 100 mtrs.,180 mtrs or as per mutually agreed packing length with the customer.
Applications: "SOLEXO" Single Core PVC Insulated Wires can be used in to the electrical wiring for Houses, Buildings, Hospitals, Industries, Panels etc..

Additional FR Properties:

Critical Oxygen Index Min. 29%
Temperature Index Min. 250°c

Technical Specifications:

Conductor Insulation Approx. overall Dia. Current carrying capacity #2 wires, Single phase Resistance @ 20 oC (Max.) Ohm/km
Area (Nom.) Sq. mm No./ Dia. Of Strands mm Thickness (Nom.) mm
In conduit /trunking Amps Unenclosed Amps
1.0 14/0.30* 0.7 2.70 11 12 18.10
1.5 22/0.30* 0.7 3.00 13 16 12.10
2.5 36/0.30* 0.8 3.50 18 22 7.41
4.0 56/0.30** 0.8 4.25 24 29 4.95
6.0 84/0.30** 0.8 5.06 31 37 3.30

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