Tinsel Conductor

Tinsel wire is a form of electrical wire used when maximum mechanical flexibility is desired. It is commonly found in cords used for telephones cables as, Line Cords, Straight Cords, Extension Cords, Coil Cord, Curl Cord, Coiled Cord, especially the handset cords. Because of its extreme flexibility, it is very resistant to failing as a result of metal fatigue. In this way it is different than ordinary stranded wire or, especially, solid wire.

  • 4x1 tinsel
  • 4x2 tinsel
  • 7x1 tinsel
  • 7x2 tinsel etc.

Salient Features:

Tinsel wire is made by wrapping several strands of thin copper and cadmium copper foil around a textile core. Because the foil is very thin, it is extremely flexible. Crimped connections are commonly used.

Usually, the connector has a series of barbs that pierce the insulation that covers the tinsel wire, allowing the connection to be made without any need to strip the insulation for the conductor. The various types of tinsel used are: